Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HauteLook App Review

HauteLook enables shopping well-known brands at lower prices.

A few months ago, my beautiful, highly fashionable friend Mari Witzel mentioned a cute item she purchased on the HauteLook app, and I said, “Wait—HauteLook, what is that?!” Had I been missing out on a crucial shopping app? Terror! When I discovered it’s a company owned by Nordstrom, I became even more excited. 

This app is definitely a gem that I recommend adding to your smart phone. But warn your wallet to be prepared! The deals can be quite good, and the little sale alerts that pop up on your phone send little bursts of adrenaline to your shopping soul. The categories cater to all ages and genders, and there are also home and beauty tabs. The last one is obviously my favorite.

HauteLook features sales on well-known beauty brands.
The app’s main selling point is offering popular brands at discounted prices. It’s sort of like having Nordstrom Rack at your fingertips. Just like The Rack, there are always new items and crazy steals flowing in, but great basics generally on hand. Some of the brands I’ve seen featured with greatly reduced prices include Clarisonic, Crownbrush, Steve Madden shoes, Stila, Betsey Johnson, T3 (on sale now!), and Laura Mercier.

One of the great things about HauteLook is that you can plan ahead; the app lists previews of upcoming brands that will go on sale with the specific date and time. They don’t list the specific items that will be offered, but there needs to be some element of excitement, right?

In addition to clothing and beauty items, you can shop for home goods on HauteLook.
You’ll need to sign up for a free HauteLook account in order to view items on the app. Another fabulous plus is that you can use PayPal to checkout. No need to spend precious extra time entering your credit card number when you could be shopping or perusing other blogs for delicious finds!

One of the few downsides I have discovered is shipping time, which can greatly vary depending on the product. The shipping charge is a reasonable flat $5.95, but items I ordered have arrived anywhere between a few days to two weeks later. This is a compromise I’m willing to make for a stellar deal.

Happy shopping!  


  1. I LOVE getting their emails everyday. While I like the app, I mainly use their main site.
    What are some of your favorite finds?

    Katy- livelyandlovely.com

    1. My Crown Brush makeup brush set (which I'll post about later today!), a Stila LipGlaze Set, and most of all my Erica Annenburg cream-colored Venteux Satchel. Ah! I love that bag and it was a steal. I haven't really shopped on the web page but I like that they have both options...


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