Sunday, February 23, 2014

For the Grownups: Host Your Own Maleficent Mocktail After Party

Lock your kids in the tower, call your lords and ladies, and put on your most fantastic finery—it’s time for the king and queen to party! There won’t be any cute cupcakes at this event. 

Housewife2Hostess and I showed you how to throw a candy-coated children’s party, but now it’s time for the grownups to have a spine-tingling celebration after seeing the upcomingfilm Maleficent.

We will help you put a chill in the air with dark decor that’s deceivingly simple to create. 

Then you can wine and dine your courtiers with pernicious pomegranate punch, sinister spiced coconut coladas, loathsome lemon-berry ginger ale, and an array of dark delicacies.  

Ominous hors d’oeuvres, rotisserie raven sliders, and deceptive dark chocolate cake will satiate your guests’ palates into the wee hours of the morning.  

Don’t stress—we will show you easy-to-find, affordable d├ęcor to design a party that will wow your guests, and give you recipes that knock traditional mocktails on their hineys.

The only thing you need to do is mark your calendar for May 30 and watch the trailer to get eerily excited for Maleficent!

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