Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Morsels: Some of my First Fashion Finds and Splurges

You remember when you first saw. It called your name. You knew that if you bought it, somehow everything in your life would fall into place. 

"Liz, look at me. I'm perfect for you. I'm everything you've ever dreamed of, lusted after, and coveted. I'm so pretty I'm sinful. You know you want to blow your budget and buy me. I will make all your dreams come true." 

For me, it was a Coach Madison Ocelot handbag:


One of my former roommates and dear friends spotted a Coach bag one time when we were in Las Vegas and she said to me, "If I had that bag, I would TELL people what to do!" I felt similarly about this bag. However, here is my confession (cue Usher): I returned it because I felt too guilty spending $300 on a handbag at the time. Sure, I made the smart decision monetarily, but I still think about that handbag. I might or might not have just searched Ebay for it. I'll update you, hehe.

However, there have been a couple of items I lusted after and did purchase. I even found them extremely discounted, but it was pure luck (or the law of attraction kicked in, which I do believe in, by the way).

One of these was my pair of Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps. I love these things. I still have them, and wear them on special occasions. They make me feel incredibly pretty and add a bit of sass to my step. They originally retailed for somewhere between $200-$300, but I got them in perfect condition for $60 from Nordstrom Rack. Ah, what a blessed day.

high heels

One of my other favorite "splurges," which ended up being more of a "find" than a splurge, was my Coach Poppy Glam Tote in silver/anthracite. 

For a long time, I obsessed over finding a metallic toned bag. However, most of the ones I found were either too blingy or erred on the tacky side. This would obviously not do. Finally, I reached bag heaven at Nordstrom Last Chance in Arizona. If you don't know what this place is, or you haven't been, you're seriously missing out. Discussing that place is another post entirely! 

I didn't have high aspiration for finding my dream bag that day, and honestly, I was a bit intimidated by all the "serious" shoppers there who foraged through the bags in an adderall-like induced frenzy. I calmly perused the shoes and waited for a lull in the bag area, and I struck when a spot opened up that didn't threaten my losing a limb. I sifted through the assorted totes, purses, and satchels for about 15 minutes when this beauty's gleam caught my eye. There she was—metallic perfection, and selling at $79.95 to boot! My search finally ended and I left feeling quite satisfied.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite/memorable finds or splurges! Tell me everything...

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