Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday: Improving your Instagram with the Dean Street Society

Have you ever analyzed one of your social media outlets and realized you've neglected it a bit? For me, I recently decided my Instagram needs the biggest creative boost. 

I found several new stylish Insta friends yesterday via Peacoats and Plaid's wonderful Instagram Hop. Seeing so many delightfully inspiring photos motivated me to rejuvenate my collection a bit. What attracts me to follow someone on Instagram is not just a great photo here and there, but the overall feel of their collection—just like Pinterest! 

Luckily, the zesty Hilary Rushford at the Dean Street Society  injected me with some motivation when I got an e-mail (I highly recommend subscribing) about her April Instagram Style Challenge. One of the great things about this challenge is that the rules are seriously flexible. You can participate in one day here and there, or all the days (my choice). Check it out:

And...here's my Insta for day one.

Hilary Rushford Dean Street Society

I hope you decide to participate with me! 


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  1. Know what you mean! Been trying to pick our instagram, but I think I can do any of daily lists cause I wouldn't be able to keep up! Linking up from That's Fresh Friday


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