Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday: Nude/Neutral Nails

My latest nude nail look with OPI Brazil Nail Laquer Collection in Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

Just about everyone has a Pinterest board with lots of snazzy nail looks. However, I unequivocally, absolutely, without a doubt can say that the only way any of the complicated looks will ever appear on my nails is if I take a picture to a professional and they recreate it for me. It's seriously difficult to make your nails look fantastic at home, beyond fairly basic looks. Additionally, while some "fancy" nail looks are pretty, for me there's a fine line between glam and Jerseylicious tacky.

Most of the time, I love nude or neutral nail looks. Here's why:
  • Nude nails make your fingers look longer (great for those of us with petite features), just like nude shoes enhance your legs!
  • They go with any outfit
  • You can easily spice up nude nails on your own without ending up with a Pinterest fail

Here are some of my favorite nude nail looks I've tried. All pictures are mine, not random ones from Pinterest (just proving to you I actually accomplished most of these on my own)! Also, my nails are my own (except the last picture...you'll understand why when you scroll down), with an acrylic overlay.

If you're going to attempt at-home French tips of any color, I highly recommend using painter's tape.

This definitely wasn't the best selfie tip job, but at least I tried, right? I do love black tips.

Here's a nail look NOT to try!!! Gross. I snapped this while out to dinner on a date.

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