Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Friday I'm in Love...with Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral & Eye on Shimmer Palettes - Dupes for Urban Decay Naked

Note: Sonia Kashuk tweeted me (I was extremely flattered!) and mentioned that this was a limited edition palette. You can't purchase it from Target online anymore, however, it might be available in your local Target (that's how I lucked out and found it on clearance). 

She mentioned that the Eye on Neutral Shimmer and Eye on Neutral palettes contain the exact same shades. I've included pictures of these and links to them at Target. Go buy them today, because you'll love them!

I recently spotted Sonia Kashuk's Eye on Neutral matte/shimmer palette on clearance at Target (yes, it was a score at $15 instead of $29). Upon closer inspection, I began to notice startling similarities between it and my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette.

With such a luscious clearance price, I scooped it up in anticipation of richly pigmented shadows that closely mirrored the Urban Decay shades; readers, Sonia didn't let me down!

While the palette has its flaws (just forget about using the first shadow in the upper left-hand corner because it has zero pigmentation), it's pretty dang incredible. Another plus is its portability. The Naked Palette doesn't easily slip into a standard makeup bag, but with this baby you easily have a bevy of beautiful shades at your fingertips...or the stroke of a brush. Please don't use your fingertips to apply shadow. Or those heinous sponge applicators. They should be outlawed.

Unfortunately, Kashuk's shades don't have names (I would be happy to assist you with that, Sonia.). Thus, I will refer to each shade as a row and corresponding letter. The matte, cream-colored shade (which is absolute crap, but luckily the only bad seed in the whole palette) in the upper left-hand corner is 1A, and the opaque matte black shadow on far right of the bottom row is 4F. 

Now, for the dupes! I tried to match each Urban Decay shade as closely as possible, and here are my results. The Urban Decay shade is on the left in each photo.

Virgin = 1B

Sin = 1D

Naked = 1C

Sidecar = 1F

Buck = 2F

Halfbaked = 2C

Smog = 2E

Darkhorse = 3B 

Toasted = 4A
This and "Hustle" (below) proved to be 
the most difficult shades to match.

Hustle = 4D

Creep= 4E
Note: I used 4E as a match for both
"Creep" and "Gunmetal," (below) and 
simply layered them lighter and heavier.

Gunmetal = 4E

While there's no equivalent to this shade in the Naked Palette, I wanted to show you how much 4F in the palette impressed me with its incredibly dark pigmentation.

That's it for today! I'd love to hear your comments.


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