Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Lash Lowdown: Finding The Right Mascara For The Look You Want!

Greetings to all my beauty-obsessed (and that’s a good thing) blog readers!

So, my posts have lapsed because not only did I discover that I was sick with mono, just as I was recovering I got the flu! I’m much better now and ready for bigger and better things in 2014. This post will be part of a series of fours posts dedicated solely to…(drumroll) lashes! If you want fuller, longer, or just generally better-looking lashes, I will show you how to achieve that look, whether it’s through mascara, false/fake lashes, or lash extensions.  


I worked at Nordstrom as the counter manager for Shiseido, and during that stint I got to experiment and play with a variety of makeup and skincare products. It definitely opened my eyes to a few secrets, including which product lines are the best, hidden treasures in a brand you might not normally try, and, in the case of mascara, a huge secret that I’ll let you in on: DRUGSTORE MASCARA IS JUST AS GOOD AS THE EXPENSIVE KINDS! Seriously, right now, commit to yourself that you will never again spend beaucoup bucks on mascara that burdens your wallet. There seriously is no need. While there’s a difference between types of mascara, you really don’t need to look further than your local Target or drugstore for a mascara to suit your needs.  If you’re going to dish out dollars, do that on eyelash extensions. Before I get to that post, here are my faves:

lashes mascara MAC makeup eye high end

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

I decided to throw in the only department-store mascara I really feel is worth the money. Nope, it’s not DiorShow or any belonging to the Lancome Line. It’s MAC’s Haute & Naughty. For one, I love the name. Meow. But two, it really is an all-around great mascara that provides an intense effect. What’s particularly great about this sexy little tube is that it’s really two mascaras in one, which often helps with application (see my tutorial below). When I’ve used this, I start with the “wiper” that gives a cleaner application, let it dry a bit, then go back for round two with the other wiper inserted to build upon the first layer. This gem is $21, but again, don’t feel compelled to spend that much!

lashes mascara L'Oreal makeup eye drugstore

L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black

This is hands-down my all-time favorite mascara. Although it is touted for its volume-building benefits, I discovered it also has incredible lengthening capabilities. One tip: this mascara is better after you’ve used it for a few days and you’ve pumped some air into the tube. This slightly dries out the mascara, which makes the texture a bit tackier, thus better adhering to your lashes. If you desire a really intense lash look (not spidery now, that’s just gross), this mascara is particularly great when used in conjunction with L’oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes, which I will explain later.

lashes mascara false lashes

L’oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes
If you want all the benefits of Voluminous, but with an added lengthening boost, choose this option. The only caveat I have found with this mascara is that it dries out much quicker than the traditional Voluminous, so don’t expect it to last quite as long. But at an average price point of $8.99, replacing the tube after a month won’t break your budget.

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