Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Talk About it Tuesday: Face Candy – Some of my Favorite Makeup & Skincare Picks

Face Candy

1. Too Faced Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer: I've tried several different primers, but this is the one I keep going back to. For me, it beats Benefit’s The Porefessional in terms of minimizing the appearance of my pores. This is a big deal to me, especially when I’m wearing a heavier foundation. Additionally, this gem contains retinol, so it improves more than just the appearance of your skin. Note: they also make this in an oil-free, sensitive skin version! However, I have fairly oil skin in my t-zone, and the original version has never felt too oily for me.

2. L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher $19.99: I've only used this for a couple of days, but I'm already highly impressed. The first time I applied it, I was wowed by the immediate effect it had on my skin's appearance. Once again, this is another powerhouse that product that does more than just provide a temporary fix. I'm excited to see how it improves my skin with continued use. If you're in a rush and have no time for makeup, I highly recommend still applying this for a more "finished' look.

3. Proactive Step 3 Repairing Treatment: Here's the honest truth (I wouldn't lie to you anyway, but it just sounds better when I say it)...when I have a blemish, or my skin freaks out for some weird reason, this is my go-to. I have never used the face wash or toner from this line. I just hop on Ebay and purchase a container of the Step 3, and one bottle lasts me forever! It's super gentle, unlike many benzoyl peroxide treatments that can burn the heck out of your skin, and it works, period.

4. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Eyecolor $25: Yes, there are plenty of "dupes" out there for this product, such a Maybelline's Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow, but this is the one I recommend. I tried Maybelline's, and it just dries out too quickly. I'd rather spend the money on a more expensive product that will last a long time. The main thing that excites me about the Makeup Forever version is that it comes in "light lilac shimmer," as pictured above. Years ago I used a nearly identical Laura Mercier cream shadow...then they stopped making it! Not okay. So, finding this overjoyed me! It stays put, has tons of pigmentation, and applies beautifully. Trifecta! 

5. Soap and Glory Super-Colour Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss $16: I love plumping glosses. Unfortunately, my LipFusion plumping gloss is $36.00 (ridic) and this is $16.00. no brainer! Plus, I love the plumping effect of this one. The only way I can really describe it is that it feels like there are hundreds of minuscule beads vibrating on your lips. It's not painful in the least. In fact, I really like it in an odd way! I've been using Punch Bowl, which provides a super-sheer, just barely darker than your natural lip color. Bonus: it smells like real raspberry chocolate candy! 
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