Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Pastel Perfection - Spring Jewelry & Accessories from Forever 21

Pastel Spring Accessories from Forever 21

I just visually devoured a truckload of candy! 

What started as a casual perusal of the accessories section of the Forever 21 website turned into a full-on candy cram sesh including peachy pastel flower bracelets  and sugary mint sunglasses. Their site (and hopefully the stores too, unless everything is sold out) currently overflows with a selection of jewelry confections that makes Willy Wonka need to rethink the content of his emporium. 

Check out my finds...I hope they send you into a visual diabetic coma! Ok, that just sounds creepy and wrong. But this isn't 100-calorie portion'll want it all. Luckily, every item here is $14 and under! Click on the graphic above to be taken to my Polyvore set that will give you all the pricing info. 


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