Thursday, March 13, 2014

Go shorty (literally, I'm 5'3) it's ya birthday!

My plan for Thursdays is to do a recurring post titled "Thrifty Thursday: Beauty on a Budget" that shares my latest hair/nails/makeup/skincare finds and obsessions. However, today is slightly different.

It's my 33rd birthday. 

Since I'm normally not a selfish person (I try not to be at least), I believe my birthday is a day when it's OK to be blatantly selfish. However, since I can't completely convince myself to do that, I'll be selfish in an underhanded way (oooo, so devious) and share some thing about MOI with my readers. If you're hungry for more, 
check out my ABOUT page.

1. When I do someones makeup, I hate for them to look. I love for it to be a "grand reveal" at the end. In the past, with my friends, I often used to say things like, "Don't look!" or even chastise them if I saw them trying to sneak a peek in the mirror. I've loosened up a lot since those days, because clients like to see the work in progress, and they also like to learn!

2. I love all things sparkly/shimmery/glittery. 

3. I love me some Diet Coke. There is no substitute for the nectar of the Gods. And yes, the above photo is from one of my Costco runs. Enough to get me through the weekend. Just kidding. . .

4. I have overcome a great deal in my life, and I'm fiercely ambitious and independent. My life motto/mantra is that you can have anything you really want.

5. Leopard print = life. I briefly dated a guy who said to me, once, "I don't really love you in leopard print." Too bad for him; I wore it anyway. I was honestly a bit disappointed once leopard print went HUGE. I should have it copyrighted as solely my trademark. 

 6. I'm a secret TV addict. SHHHH!!! Keep that between us please. But my love for Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU, is unequivocally open. I won't lie...when Jerry Orbach died, my best friend and I were so sad that we put a picture of him outside our apartment with candles around it. Some LDS missionaries passing by stopped and asked, "Did someone's grandpa die?" Oh dear.That show rocks. As does Nashville, Revenge, Chicago P.D., The Voice, The Blacklist...eek, I've said too much.

7. I love all things French. I did my first study abroad experience in Quebec the summer after I graduated high school, then I lived just outside Paris (my RER A stop was Le Vesinet - Le Pecq) for nearly four months during my sophomore year of college. I would move to Paris or anywhere in France in a heartbeat. J'adore Paris!

8. The only thing nearly as good as Paris is lying on the beach soaking up the hot summer sun. I lived in La Jolla, California for a year and loved waking up to the breeze lightly rustling the palm trees outside my window, and the scent of the ocean wafting into my room.

9. I'm a grammar/editing nerd. I scored 33 on the English portion of the ACT. I really do believe I was born with my knack for writing, editing, proofreading, etc. And yes, I just looked back at that sentence and grimaced at the fact that it contained passive voice. But this is blogging, so I'm allowed to be conversational. I also owe my high school English tutor, my freshman English teacher Brett McInelly at BYU, and Utah's ABC4 report Bob Walz  for teaching me everything I know about writing. They changed my life. Walz would shudder at my use of any passive voice. I promise, I don't use it regularly!

10. I can't wait to find the love of my life. As ambitious and independent as I am, I am thrilled to be married and have children. And I'm totally OK being 33 and not married. In fact, I'm glad. I'm a completely different and better person today than I was 10 years ago. I wouldn't change the experiences I've had for anything, because they've brought me to where I am now.

Here's to the next 33 years of my life!

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