Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday (a day late): What I Really Learned from this Season of The Bachelor

1. From Clare: wear really heavy, poorly placed blush and LOTS of bronzer. Ok, so not everyone is Emily Maynard. But Clare did say she's a hair stylist, so shouldn't she be able to do a great makeup application? As revealed to Allure by Maynard, contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette don't have a makeup artist or hair stylist on hand to keep them gorgeous. So this one is all on you, Clare. For more delicious insider info and beauty gossip, check out this tell-all in New York Magazine's The Cut.

2. From Andi: sport an outdated, orange-y ombré
 with a strong line of demarcation. Unfortunately, the harsh ombré look was already out early last fall. Hopefully Andi updates her look before The Bachelorette begins... 

3. From Chelsie: borrow a swimsuit coverup from you grandma. While this isn't the worst coverup I've ever seen, this gorgeous girl could have chosen a floral that was a bit more updated, like this sassy modern look from Badgley Mischka at Nordstrom.

4. From Juan Puablo: look douchey effortlessly. No explanation needed for these gems. 

6. And more from Juan Pablo: show us some man thigh as often as possible. There's just something about guys showing too much leg that gets to me. A couple of days ago at the gym a guy on the treadmill in front of me had on shorts that were already not long enough, but to make matters worse, they were riding up as he ran. Eek!

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