Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Morsels: Resurrection TV Review

My reaction to ABC’s new Sunday night drama Resurrection in one word: hooked.

When I say hooked, I mean being on the edge of my seat, getting goose bumps, and even being so moved by some of the emotional parts that my eyes watered (forgive me Emma Shepherd). Resurrection’s premiere drew me in more than any show since Nashville or Revenge.

First, it has consummate acting. Omar EppsMatt Craven, and Kurtwood Smith (That '70s Show) lead a strong, appealing male cast. Seeing Samaire Armstrong (who I loved in The O.C.) thrilled me, as she’s gorgeous, and I enjoy her in nearly any role she plays (you might also know her from TheMentalist).  

No one likes a spoiler, unless you’re specifically looking for it, so I’ll just tell you the basic concept of the show without giving away too much. On second thought, I couldn’t give you a spoiler even if I wanted to, because this show reminds me a bit of Lost:  it tells you one thing and leaves you wondering about three more.  Thankfully, I don’t see this show getting as whackadoodle as Lost did at the end (fingers crossed). Then again, stranger things have happened.

The show begins with a young boy gasping for breath as he wakes up startled and confused in a rice paddy in Asia. Omar Epps plays J. Martin Bellamy (Marty), an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, who goes against general protocol and takes the boy back to his supposed hometown. Once he reaches the boy’s home, Pandora’s Box springs open when the parents tell Marty their son died. . .32 years ago.

Intriguing? Completely. Negative reviews? Yes, there are some of those. I believe the people who wrote those are just drooling at the thought of eventually writing a headline like, “ABC Can’t Revive Resurrection,” or “Resurrection: Impossible to Bring Back from the Dead.” Ignore the naysayers, because right now, Resurrection lives and breathes on the ABC Sunday night lineup (I couldn’t resist my own cheesetacular line).
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