Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What to Wear Wednesday: Margaux's Hair Accessory in Revenge "Allegiance" Episode

Kristine Vanasse's (Margaux LeMarchal) hair on Sunday night's "Allegiance" episode of Revenge completely captivated me. First, she's completely gorgeous and trés, trés chic. Some couldn't pull off such a look, but she rocked it, especially with her sexy pixie cut. 

Does this mean over-the-top, flowery hair accessories have returned to replace dainty headbands and delicate gem-adorned bobby pins? And I'm referring to a happy medium between something so huge it could be mistake for a hat and Coachella-esque crowns

I still have a fun flowery tulle headband that I kept from a few years ago (let's not talk about the head-pinching headache I get after an hour of wearing it though), so perhaps it's time for it to grace my short locks again! 

Would you attempt a look like this? 


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