Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday: To Overall or Not to Overall

I had a pair of overalls when I was a teenager, and honestly, I didn't love them then. I was pretty much straight as a board and didn't get any curves until I was 15. Shocking, since I'm now super busty. Once I received boobs and hips, I hated the overalls.They just felt uncomfortable and made me feel fat. How sad is it that I felt huge as a size 6 when I was a teen? I'm pretty sure going from a size 4 to a 6 made me feel like my life was over. 

The absolute only way I'd wear them is if they were super comfy, flattering, and I could dress them up a bit. I've included below my opinions on currently available overall options, and, if you choose to attempt this trend, how you might do so stylishly. If you don't sense my sarcasm in some of these "suggestions," you need to get to know me a bit better.

Now that overalls have returned to the scene, I want to hear your opinion: to overall, or not to overall?

Overall Trend #1: The Ke$ha

Overall Trend #2: The Waif

Chic and Stylish Overalls Look


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