Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday: Trends that are just too Much

I definitely advocate stepping out of your comfort zone, particularly with beauty and fashion. What's the worst that could happen if you try a trend? You could find a new favorite item that ultimately becomes one of your style staples. Or, you could realize the error of your ways and viciously delete every Insta or Tweet with any evidence that you ever lacked judgement and reason. 

Sometimes, however, certain trends enter the style-osphere that just do not work for me. Perhaps a certain fashionista can pull them off with panache, but I'll leave that to them. I am definitely not saying that the following items are not fashionable; they are just not for me. But, if you like them, I'm happy for you (said in a slightly biatchy tone, but honestly I really mean it!). 

High-Waisted Bikinis

Wearing these would cause the following problems for me:

1. The most heinous muffin top in the history of mankind.
2. People running as if Godzilla had landed on the beach.
3. Me questioning my sanity.

Overly Ripped Denim

You know when your parents said something to you like, "Why would you pay fer somethin' like that?" (In my mind it's in a deep southern drawl since I grew up in the South) Well, this is one time they were right! If you really want to try this trend, don't spend $199 (yes, I saw a pair of these for sale for that amount), just DIY. And please don't let me catch you wearing the tie dye atrocities in the middle. Those just look gross.

Over-the-Top Eyeliner

Experimenting with makeup can be a fun, liberating activity. But, expect some stares if you wear one of these styles off the runway. The only place appropriate to wear the cat eyeliner look is at one of those cafes where you can drink tea or dine with cats. Even then, I'm pretty sure the kitties will look at you with a "Seriously?" look on their visage. 

What fashion or beauty looks do you find too extreme for your taste?


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